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We individualize personalization with our proprietary Generative AI models, providing intelligent, personalized experiences for shoppers on their first visit.

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We grow incremental revenue for every visit.

Personalization of the past has not lived up to the promised lift in sales, mainly because of the heavy requirement on customer data.

We deliver on that promise by listening to the customer's behavior and recommending products that they are looking for now, without the customer data requirement.


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Dynamic + Real Time

We use the customers behavior through "signals" or "events" as they are engaging on the site.  We update the suggestions in real time based on their actual intent.

Simple Integration

We are a simple API component that makes us a very straight forward integration to any page template.  We are full UX customizable via your brand CSS.  For shopify, we have a simple app that is self-service.

Customer Privacy First

We treat every interaction as an anonymous shopper.  With our proprietary Large Language Models, we do not require large amounts of historical sales files or data to be accurate. 

Brand Persona & DNA

Providing suggestions, and content as your brand is imperative.  We take on your brands tone and personality by social learning how you already engage customers.

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What Our Clients Say

Fashion retailer
Emily Founder of Sechey customer of Discoverist

Emily Heintz, Founder & CEO Sè

"Love to see the synergy between Sèchey and as we build an eCommerce experience that educates, surprises & delights our customers just the way we do in our physical locations.
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