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Top Challenges for Retailers

In today's competitive landscape, brands face immense pressure to connect with customers effectively. At Discoverist, we understand these challenges. Through our advanced AI solutions, we empower brands to transform customer experiences and drive unparalleled engagement. Experience the future of commerce with us.



Tight on resources

Our AI automates the product and outfit curation, to be more accurate and personalized based on individualized preferences and intentions.  Saving your digital merchandising team countless hours of work.


High bounce rate

Our AI uses real-time analysis of user data like browsing patterns and demographics to dynamically adjust website content and elements, reducing bounce rates by delivering personalized and engaging experiences.

Image by Olena Kamenetska
Shop assistant showing clothes to Asian customer


Low units for orders. 

Our AI delivers individualized offers of product recommendations and targeted promotions, thereby enhancing upselling and cross-selling opportunities based on individual preferences and behavior patterns.


Customer Data Privacy

To our AI privacy is first priority, we harness the shopper behaviors, not outdated 3% conversion data, to deliver revolutionary suggestions that are more accurate and more desired by the shopper.

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