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AI for Individualization

Our GenAI engine uses (15+) behavioral signals paired with a multi-LLM solution to understand in high accuracy customer is intending to buy today.  We dynamically in real-time create the suggestions, so as the customer is browsing the site they have a unique curated experience that is just for them.

Shopper's Signals

Behavior drives Intention

Brand Knowledge

Products, Reviews & UGC

Brand Persona

Brand Personality, DNA & Rules

Discoverist Engine Multiple LLMS

Privacy First

Cookies, GDPR & CCPA Ready

API Use Cases

SAAS API, or Widgets

Behavioral Data

First-Rate Materials

How We Listen.

We listen to the shoppers behavior, actively looking at 15+ points or events.  Referral URL, Tags, Social Media, Client Agent, Time of Year, Browse, Search, Chat and qualified user data.

How We Understand.

We have a proprietary set of several LLM's (Large Language Models) that understand context and subject matter because they have been trained on the specific industry, product and  brand.  This replaces the need for historical sales files or customer data.

How We Respond.

Our AI engine, is taught your brand voice, DNA and tone of voice.  It will respond as your brand persona, from the region of the customer creating a deep connection and understanding.  Not only for conversation, but also brand inspired recomendations.

How We Learn.

Unlike other AI solutions, we are completely real time... meaning we are updating our suggestions individualized to that specific shoppers intention.  Because we are listening we are learning and improving our contextual understanding with every click.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

All Platforms Integration Supported

SquareSpace Integration Supported
Fabric Integration Supported
SAAS API Integrated
Salesforce Integration Supported
Shopify Integration Supported

What Our Clients Say

Emily Founder of Sechey customer of Discoverist

Emily Heintz, Founder & CEO Sè

"Love to see the synergy between Sèchey and as we build an eCommerce experience that educates, surprises & delights our customers just the way we do in our physical locations.
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