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We specifically designed our Generative AI Engine to be easy to setup, integrate and perform.  We did this by creating simplified modules that drop-in and work with your existing platform and solutions.


Suggested Sets

Products bundled together to increase AOV & UPT.  Products are related like, Complete The Look, Styled With, Bought Together.


Similar Items

Products that are related and designed to promote cross-style and category for customer LTV and Uplift.


AI Shopping Assistant

"Claire" Our AI Concierge is anything but a chatbot.  She takes on the personality of your brand and can answer with full context in natural language to drive conversion and uplift.


AI Reviews Summary

An Add-On to your existing Reviews Solution, this gives your shoppers an easily digestible summary of your reviews in real time.  


AI FAQ Answers

Shoppers can engage with your FAQ so they don't have to search and read through the site for quick answers with little effort.


AI Messaging Assit

A powerful tool paired with your SMS or Email messaging solution.  We can provide the best product suggestions for abandoned cart, browse or other trigger or evergreen journeys.

Discoverist Solution Quiz and Games

AI Quiz & Games

Shoppers can engage with your quizzes and games for real time individualized results.  Use this to collect Zero & 1st Party Data and provide in-moment suggestions of products.

Discoverist Solution Promotions

AI Promotions


Use AI Powered Promotions for Dynamically saving the sale or changing promotional banners that are individualized to ensure you can convert any visitor to a customer.

What Our Clients Say

Emily Founder of Sechey customer of Discoverist

Emily Heintz, Founder & CEO Sè

"Love to see the synergy between Sèchey and as we build an eCommerce experience that educates, surprises & delights our customers just the way we do in our physical locations.
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